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The Light's Awakening - Version 2 by rekka-alexiel
The Light's Awakening - Version 2
Here's a little bit of a tweeked version of this piece, using the silhouette from :iconeagiel:'s commission, which can be found here: commission golden dragon

The first version of this piece can be found here: The Light's Awakening
The Light's Awakening by rekka-alexiel
The Light's Awakening
Massively powered-up "god" form of Hisoka from the beginning of my story, "Legend of the Golden Dragon", Book 3.

This was a random drawing that first began with designing a single feather. ^^;  I couldn't resist adding more...and more...and more... xD  The only stock image was the body silhouette.
Drakengard 3 1st Anniversary Contest! by rekka-alexiel
Drakengard 3 1st Anniversary Contest!

In celebration of the Japanese release of Drakengard 3 (DOD3) on December 19th, I'm holding another open contest for fans of the game to show your appreciation for the creators and developers. The contest has been going on for a while now, but the deadline is creeping ever closer! Get your submissions in by December 19th to be eligible to win authentic DOD3 goods from Japan!


The aim of this contest is to offer a fun and creative contest to celebrate the 1st Anniversary of the game’s release in Japan on December 19, 2013.

The deadline for entries is December 19.

One lucky participant in each category has a chance to win a double-sided DOD3 poster that was available only in an issue of Big GanGan. On top of this random drawing, if I receive a good number of participants, I will also award winners according to the number of likes your entry will receive.

The amount and type of prizes available to this contest will vary according to how many people participate in any given category as follows: 

10+ people enter: 
1st Place: Mikhail & Zero or Pink/White A2 poster 
2nd Place: DOD3 -The Complete Guide- 
3rd Place: DOD3 -The First Official Guide- 

5-9 people enter: 
1st Place: DOD3 -The Complete Guide- 
Runner Up: DOD3 -The First Official Guide- 

1-4 people enter: 
Grand Prize: DOD3 -The First Official Guide- 

10+ people enter: 
1st Place: Mikhail & Zero or Pink/White A2 poster 
2nd Place: DOD3 Official Soundtrack 
3rd Place: DOD3 Official Piano Score Book or Onitsuka Chihiro “This Silence is Mine” Single CD 

5-9 people enter: 
1st Place: DOD3 Official Soundtrack 
Runner Up: DOD3 Official Piano Score Book or Onitsuka Chihiro “This Silence is Mine” Single CD 

1-4 people enter: 
Grand Prize: DOD3 Official Piano Score Book or Onitsuka Chihiro “This Silence is Mine” Single CD


Who can participate: 
Anyone is welcome to participate regardless of where you live. I would hope that anyone who enjoyed playing the game would participate despite the fact that prizes are involved. Participants may submit only one piece for each category but are ineligible to win multiple items. Please refer to the TERMS AND CONDITIONS for further information on this.

Create anything musically related specifically to DOD3. Sing a song from the series. Compose an original remix. Play something live in a video. You have the choice of either sending me the audio file through the E-mail address listed above or uploading it to YouTube and sending me the link. Original remixes, compositions, vocal performance, instrumental performance; anything related to music and DOD3 is acceptable as long as YOU created it. 

Create a piece of art related specifically to DOD3. Traditional paper/pencil art, CG/Photoshop art, ceramics, cosplay photography; any visual, still image is possible in this category. Any possible art form is acceptable in this category. Painting, drawing, ceramics, sewing, cosplay, photography, sculpture; anything visually artistic is acceptable as long as it depicts something or someone from DOD3 and is a single, still image. Entries must deal with DOD3 characters. You may write in other characters from the previous games such as DOD1, DOD2, and/or Nier, but DOD3 must be the focus. Artwork with guest characters from other franchises and/or original characters will not be accepted. 

Images must be received via E-mail in JPG format, no larger than 1024×786, with a file size no larger than 900KB. The artist reserves complete copyright of their original works, however; final images may be resized and/or cropped to better display on Facebook or the DOD3 Web site. 

Create a “fan-vid” to celebrate the 1st anniversary of the Japanese release of DOD3. Videos should be at least one minute long. I suggest thinking using one of the two following themes: —a video to convey a genuine thanks to the creators and developers for making the game. —a persuasive video showing all the good parts of the game to get other people interested. I suggest uploading your videos to YouTube yourself and then sending the link to me.

Entrants must include their Full Name, User Handle/Nickname, and E-mail address. Names will be added to a list of participants. Items will be added to the DOD3 1st Anniversary Contest Album on the Facebook page for people to vote on their favorite items in each category. Votes will be tallied and winners announced on Christmas Day.

How to submit your work: 
Please submit your work for the ART and MUSIC category via an E-mail attachment to: contest.drakengard3 AT gmail DOT com (Please replace the AT and DOT with the proper punctuation and no spaces!!). Since video files are generally much larger than images and simple .mp3s or .wavs, I suggest uploading your videos to YouTube and sending me the link to the file there as your submission. 

* Please note that I will not respond to submissions until a couple days before the deadline. If you do not receive a response from me by that time, please contact me at the other methods listed below.

Please note that only E-mail based submissions will be accepted this time. If you have a problem submitting your entry via E-mail, please send me a private message through Facebook or Tumblr. 


DO NOT POST A LINK TO YOUR ENTRY PUBLICLY. All entries will be uploaded to the DOD3 1st Anniversary Contest Album on the Facebook page simultaneously on Friday, December 19. No personal information will be displayed during the voting process.

For complete information on the rules and regulations, please visit this page:…

Thou Shalt Not Die Preview Poster by rekka-alexiel
Thou Shalt Not Die Preview Poster
Here's a "preview" poster I made for Yoko Taro's new manga series "Thou Shalt Not Die". I've translated Chapter 0 already and Chapter 1 will be released on Christmas Day! 

I scanned the original ad from a single page in this month's issue of Big GanGan and edited it myself.

For more updates, stay tuned to


rekka-alexiel's Profile Picture
Demon Seraph of Flames
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Typically, I really dislike filling out the "bio" section of these things because I don't know what to say and I don't really like talking about myself. But let me give a brief BG on me.

I'm from Michigan and have been living in Japan for 10 years, mostly in Nagoya although I moved to Yokohama last summer. I am currently working as an ESL teacher at a private all-girls junior high & high school which is probably the most fun and most well paid job I have had in my life thus far. I am very lucky to be surrounded by awesome people, many of which are seriously talented in the arts. They inspire me to continue learning myself, which is why I've started doing more things here. I joined the art club with the kids at school and I hope they can help teach me a thing or two as well!! :D

I have one cat, who is the cutest thing in the world. I should upload some photos of her for people to enjoy her cuteness. Her name is Misa and she is 2 years old! She came with me from Nagoya on the Shinkansen. She was a very good girl and never complained the whole way. :)

Let's see, art wise, I have loved animation (not just Japanese) since I was little. I think the most thing that I liked about it was the characters and the worlds it can create. Since my background is in storytelling (OH! LOOK! Check out the artwork on the left that some extremely talented people have done for my story!!), I think I first was brought in by that, and then the actual artwork or music finished the job. Some of the earliest anime I remember watching were Go! Lion (Voltron) and the color version of Tetsuwan Atom (Astroboy). I also remember really liking Mighty Mouse, Kidd Video, and a bunch of other 80s Saturday morning cartoons. Yes, I was one of those kids who willingly got up at 6am to watch stuff. haha

I am also an avid animation art collector. I mostly collect cels from B't X, Samurai Troopers, Wild Knights Gulkeeva, and the Ys II OVA, although I have artwork from many other titles as well. You can view my gallery here:

Just Finished Watching: N/A
Currently Watching: Sword Art Online, Hiiro no Kakera (緋色の欠片), Btooom!, Psycho-Pass, Fringe, Castle, The Mentalist, The Walking Dead, Dexter

:steaming: :pissedoff: :fork: :frustrated:

** Do not comment or send me a PM to sweet-talk me, to get me to chat with you on skype, to maybe become your new BFF, or any other unmentioned absurdity. I did not join DA to find love and romance or even to get new friends. The sole purpose of posting these images is strictly artistic and I would appreciate it if comments would stick to the same. This includes asking me to be your model. Thanks, but no thanks.

I am not a model and I don't think I'm the best looking thing on the planet, therefore I do appreciate your kind compliments, nonetheless. "I will therefore accept the offered love as love and will not wrong it."

** I will not, however, respond to Notes of any soliciting nature. This includes:
:pointr: Solicitations to chat/video chat on Skype
:pointr: Join a specific club
:pointr: Visit any Web site off of DA
:pointr: Be your model
:pointr: I'm sure there are more but I'm not going to write every possible thing, it would take WAY too long and I really don't care enough to do that. :p

** I will delete spam and troll comments and report them as such.

My standards may seem kinda strict and unfriendly, but that is my right. I welcome any and all artistic and fun comments on the items that I post. Help me improve my craft, share your artistic work and I'll comment on it, too! :D

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